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sadasds [userpic]
by sadasds (ikwens)
at December 17th, 2005 (12:34 am)

thrustingmom - every essay film wat eva
has a meanin except ur shit of corse my sista was avin nightmares 4 3 days

ALY-SAMA-KUNZ - Why are you insulting me again?

thrustingmom - cuz of ur shit u no how old she is she fukin 3 n cuz of ur crapy lil essays
she was shitin erself n my mums takin u 2 court cuz ur sick in the head
makin shit like tha n send a message bk cuz i want ur opinion plz

Analstar - She can't take me to court for expressing my opinion. My PM to you was to tell you that you are breaking the rules of this forum. I was informing you so that you could stop behaving that way and avoid getting banned from the forum.

So stop being rude and insulting people when you post, or get banned. It's up to you.

~ Aly




This is what love means, people. Loving someone forever is something that CloudxTifa fans are unable to comprehend. Their idea of love is shallow, at best. If you cannot grasp the true meaning of love, as demonstrated by CloudxAerith, TidusxYuna, and ShuyinxLenne, then you are a very sad person, indeed, and have clearly never experienced true love. ~Goddess of FF title or description

oic now title or description, so your partner has to be dead in order to experience true love? title or description


Posted by: Jordanne (lady_yazoo)
Posted at: January 2nd, 2006 08:43 am (UTC)

until you've experienced the love thats endured death of close friends, until you can udnerstand a love withstanding trials, seperation, you do not know love


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