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honey badger don't give a shit. [userpic]
by honey badger don't give a shit. (galbadia)
at December 22nd, 2005 (01:38 pm)

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HI. i'm the mod for anticloudaeris, and i just found this community 'cause thrustingmom69 posted it in an entry. and like... oh sweet shabeebus! i've been reading through this community and i find it HILARIOUS OMG. so i had to join.

so like. yeah. honestly, i'm a reformed cleristh shipper. back when i first played ff7, i was all "ZOMG TEHY R SOOOOOOOOOO KYOOT" and i hated tifa. but then i realized, wtf, their "love" is shallow and lame, and so i fell in love with tifa after the lifestream thing, and i've been a rabid, hardcore cloti every since. i can't say i absolutely hate cleristh, but i do get super fucking annoyed by it. it wouldn't be so bad if there weren't the crazy, should-be-asylum-bound fangirls who decide, "OMG PNK & BLU GO 2GETHR THER4 KLUOD & AERS B LONG 2GHETR!!!!!!1111!!11one!111!eleventy!" i have a few friends who ship cloud/aeristh, or both cloud/tifa and cloud/aeristh, and fortunately, they are civil and dont run around posting entries about OMG CLUD & ASIRS TRU WUV LOL.

i've gone to that 'destiny fulfilled' site once and it burned my brain. i know absolutely nothing about japanese culture, nor do i really care to, but i do believe that all the webmistress has there is a total pile of shit. it all seems like she was trying desperately to scrape together every little shred of ambiguous evidence to piece together and interpret as she wished. she's probably like 25 years old and a virgin and doesn't even know what real men are and sits in front of her computer thinking up new connections for cloud/aeristh.

see, i know that so many of us clotis would want to make a site analyzing different events and dialogues between cloud and tifa that prove that they love each other, but... loves, we have lives. ♥ if someone made a site, it'd probably have just basic connections, like how tifa saved cloud from the lifestream, and how cloud saved tifa from the nibel reactor. but i'm sure none of us will sit on our asses 24/7 like, "OMFG CLOUD IS 5'7" AND TIFA IS 5'3" AND THAT'S 4 INCHES APART AND 4 IS AN EVEN NUMBAH SO TEHY R OTP!!!!!!!!1111!!!!111!" that's because we don't need to come up with some lame interpretations; the evidence is all there that cloud and tifa love each other. sure, cloud may love aeristh; they were friends, and she died. i know i'd miss a guy friend if they died. does that mean i should fixate on their death, which in turn means i'm madly in love with them and wish i could have ridden their weiner before they died? NO.

i actually like aeristh, really, but i prefer her with vincent. now THERE'S a relationship that could go deep. they could need each other. aeristh only liked cloud because he resembled zack (which i ship zack/aeristh too), and cloud was just happy a girl was paying attention to him because he probably forgot about tifa for a bit since shinra sucks and pumped his body with stuff.


taking a main quote from my favorite show EVAR, csi: "concentrate on what cannot lie -- the evidence." THIS IS TRUE. interpretations can lie, evidence cannot. all the interaction between cloud and tifa is evidence enough to me that they are in love, even if square didn't blatantly put them together.

i think i need to stfu now, because i'm not making any sense. :D


Posted by: thrustingmom69 (thrustingmom69)
Posted at: December 22nd, 2005 07:45 pm (UTC)

WOW! GREAT entry. You're cool. xD

The thing that I do not get about cleristh is, the fans, they try so hard to push the "love beyond death thing is better than say, a relationship based on L00KS N STUFF" lol wut nigga?? Image hosted by Photobucket.com First off, I don't like Cloud and Tifa just cause' they look sexy together. I like them because they just have history, chemistry, and they just seem like THE couple and I fell inlove with everything about them. You can't have "love beyond death" if your love wasn't strong in the FIRST PLACE, period. Otheriwise? It's just another excuse to prove why Cloud and Aeris is such a deep couple. LIEK OMG!11

"Rabid"...the cleris use that alot to describe us Clotis. Aly-sama KUNZ, AKA ANALSTAR, owner of Destiny Fulfilled, doesn't even know the MEANING. I mean, she describes herself as a "rabid Cloud fangirl" shamelessly and yet writes a million word essays about why Cloud and Tifa is IMPOSSIBLEZ and Cloud and Aeris are the TRUE and INTENDED couple of FF7. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We spam their forums because it's FUN for us, not because we're jelous that they have so much PROOFZ or whatever, but because they're fucking retarded and naive. They do my head in. Seriousllllly.
And yes, I do agree that the Cleris fans overall have no lives and the Cloi fans do. It's just obvious. And they have a SENSE OF HUMOUR, something Cleris fans lack. I do not talk about all, but probably a good 98% percent of them. Let's face it, Destiny Fulfilled has them brainwashed. I AM friends with a few cool cleris, however. But still...most...UGH YOO STOPIED CLOTZ!!1
But don't worry, you make tons of sense. I agree. And sorry to say, but Tifa >>>>>> AERISTH. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Zeris though, is love.

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: December 23rd, 2005 01:08 am (UTC)

lollz kawaii! :D I would type alot but I am to lazy. :D

Posted by: Gaby (tifaret_)
Posted at: December 26th, 2005 03:10 am (UTC)

Hey welcome, your post is cool. Glad to have more cleris haters. :O

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