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Hey guys
by thrustingmom69 (thrustingmom69)
at October 15th, 2006 (02:13 pm)

current mood: sad

This place is dead. For a number of reasons.

But it looked so empty so I just wanted to say that it was really fun. Allll of this... you know, tormenting Aly and the cleristh and whatnot. Good times, good times. I won't delete it, but I guess it's as good as dead now. Ah well, the memories shall live on, no? ;(

by rose_dincht (rose_dincht)
at April 16th, 2006 (11:29 am)

If anybody's up for a website about Aeris who's owner isn't an insane rabid Cloud/Aeris fanatic, please don't be a stranger and drop on by:

Forlorn Hope

Gaby [userpic]
by Gaby (tifaret_)
at March 25th, 2006 (10:44 pm)

current mood: blank


Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

by thrustingmom69 (thrustingmom69)
at March 25th, 2006 (06:14 pm)

current mood: awake
current song: sdafas Yuffie's VA AHAHAH

This community is in dire need of updating.
If you happen to like Clito, join here: http://s13.invisionfree.com/StrifeHeart/index.php?act=idx

So what's been going on lately? Well, not much. But I guess Tifa is a slut because she lied to Cloud. Because being human is quite illegal. Oh, and Tifa was the only one in the slums that wore a miniskirt.


Weee. Let's judge people on their appearance and label them because we're stupid humans that don't know anything better than plushies, rainbows, and pink.

by Jordanne (lady_yazoo)
at January 2nd, 2006 (03:00 am)

current mood: FUXXU

Now, dont get me wrong, cleris is an....ok fanon

but i am sick of it

We are not immature for speaking our minds, if anything you peopel are, for being snotty, for being up on your high horse saying you're better than us and those idiots just sitting there and going "eh whatever, i like aeris"

who hides their venting?

Who's so desperate they have to find japanese culture in an american trasnlation, and in turn make their own fav chara look like a slut?

You lose.

Get over it.

Gaby [userpic]
by Gaby (tifaret_)
at December 25th, 2005 (07:07 pm)

current mood: amused

These fucking cleristh disgust me, all of them. Jesus you fucking idiots we do have a life, but its part of our life to you anoy you idiots. What in the names makes you think you are better that us. Look at you idiots, debating and trying to prove cloti wrong all the time. Thats is the only thing you stupid dumbasses do. When ever I go to ACF, that is before I got IP banned, the only thing all the you stupid cleristh would do is post in the fucking love triangle and in Devotion. What kind of shit is that?? And you say you are not rabid..JESUS you people post only in the debates. Its like thats the only shit you do, its like that is the only thing you fucking cleristh think about.

OMG VELVY, VELvy, you are stupid moron. You make other people think that you are rabid, but in fact you are. I mean I remeber you once posted in ACF saying that All the people who didnt like Aeris are miserable wenches.Now why would an open minded "ZOMFGGI LIKE TIFA" cleris post that?? Stop fooling yourself. One thing I hate is when cleris say that they like Tifa, and deep down they hate Tifas pixels. YOU ARE A RABID BIASED CLERIS, that thinks nothing but only the LTD, as well as your other pathetic cleris, OH YOU HAVE A LIFE pfft bitch plz, why in the hell do you have a site called Velvy.com and post in ACf all the time if you have a so called life..Stupidass.

ANALSTAR...my god Aly you type too fucking much about your pathetic pixel couple cloud and Aeris. Let me tell you something, FFVII was not only about the love triangle, and once Aeris died, that pretty much ended the whole fucking love triangle, that did not mean cloud would go to tifa, but after Aeris kicked the bucket the whole love triangle ended so STFU. Dont you think about other things? I mean in the northen crater the only thing aly does is post in the debate threads. SO why exactly did Aly make the northern crater? Well according to her its a primarily a debate forum. She even categorizes new people who register as cloti, neutral, or cleris..HAHAHAHAHAHA fucking lameass. That is sad,oh and your destiny fulfilled site...lol dont even get me started, its obvious YOU dont have a life judging from that site.

Clear tranquil, you are a dumbass, and when you debate you make no fucking sense whatsoever. Why do you even bother debating? You suck. Enlightened..you are a faggot. SUBJECTIVESUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE . That is the only shit you say. FUCKING FAGGOT. FF_gayness is a fucking old skag that lives by herself with a cat...HAHAHAHA. Im surprised she hasnt posted in the norhtern crater, I havent seen her online, but then again I am IP banned from ACF, And the Cleris forum. HAHAHA. Clouds Girl, is what a fucking dumbfuck, you ho bag. All these other cleris say they are opened minded, pffft my ass. YOu people are ghey, the only thing you do is try to convice other people that your couple is canon when obviously its not. YOur not supposed to like a couple depending if they are canon or not, you just do. And the whole "GIT A LIFE" " OMG GO OUTSIDE AND FEEL THE SUN" "TEH ONLY THING YOU DO IS USE YOUR COMP 24/7" insult is gettin gheyer by the minute, pfft its ghey, lame, old, and its not even considered to be a good insult in my eyes. Stfu with that. In conclusion, your couple, cloud and Aerish is ghey. Aeris is ghey. YOU CLERIS ARE FUCKING GHEY. Burn bitches, eat my shit.

by thrustingmom69 (thrustingmom69)
at December 25th, 2005 (06:11 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: Madonna - Do you beleive in love

"Sadly they do. And apparantly it has nothing to do with the pairings, it's just cause they LIKE to spam. "We think it's FUN! =D" Well I think you need to get your sorry can't-get-any-even-if-your-life-depended-on-it ugly carcass AWAY from the computer screen and go OUTSIDE.

Ah who am I kidding. They're gonna be computer-internet trolls with no friends until they die. XD"

Oh Velvy, you're so ORIGINAL! But not...really. DX!!!

We think not being coherant on the internet is cool? If so, have you seen us talk like chavs? I guess you mean the babelfish, huh. Well, it's FUNNY, like YOU.

Oh Velvy, not everyone is special enough or old enough to go to college. Also, I'm not even on the internet all day. And if I am, that's because there's nothing to do. Sure, I could GO OUTSIDE, but it's quite cold. And I don't feel like drawing. And listening to old people talk about boring shizz gets annoying so...here I am. D:

sadasds [userpic]
Some fat cleristh..
by sadasds (ikwens)
at December 24th, 2005 (06:48 am)

Rabid Cloti fans who do nothing but sit on their ass 24/7 and email-spam, livejournal-spam, and indiviually target people on their Cleris-bashing message board.

What about the rabid Cleristh fans who make 647326876509832 word essays about two pixelz love? Is that not rabid to you? If you must know Velvy, TLB was never made for the Cleristh. Tana made it for her friends and shizz. We made the Cleristh section to laugh and torment ya skagz. Yes Velvy, people that make accounts that take only 1 minute to make must mean they have no lives! *rollz eyez at cleristhzz*

But right now, it's only Cloti fans, and it's getting ridiculous.

Ja, so what? Do you think that there isn't any rabid fans on your side?

I BARELY post on ACF now and I hardly post on the Cloud x Aerith message boards, and I have what's known as a L-I-F-E. Life. It's where you go outside and do things? It's where your fingers are (for once!) not touching a keyboard? It's where you actually, physically talk with people in the flesh and not behind a screen? You might wanna try it sometime. It might actually do you some good. And I like FFVII for other reasons than just Cloud and Aeris's relationship. These people seem to think FFVII is composed of only one aspect--the love triangle, and apparantly if you don't accept Cloud and Tifa's relationship as one of romance, you are a jew that needs to be thrown into a furnace.

I think you need to stop using the whole "Get life lozeah/lol it's like called a like life niggaz" thing as it gets very old. STFU FFVII IS ABOUT LOVE, BUNNIES AND PLUSHIES! Srsly, do you ever recall me defending the honor of Cloud and Tifa? Nein! Hell, when I first played the game I didn't give a shit about relationships, I liked Cloud and Tifa, NOT LOVE "LIKED". 'Course Analstar thinks that FFVII is about Cloud and Aeris.

This is REALLY really getting ridiculous. tnemes_forest. I don't mean to target anyone in particular, but I have yet to come across a "[Cloti here] is love" slogan.

Dumbfuck, that isn't even her that's doing the spamming! rofl.

I don't have a problem with people liking Cloud and Tifa as a couple (otherwise I'd have a problem with myself). I have a problem with people spamming me for liking Cloud and Aeris. If you don't agree with us, fine. It's not like we're gonna lose sleep over some 14 year old Cloti disagreeing with us. But there comes a point where it gets retarded, and it has gone past that point and is now just unbelieveable. Anastar doesn't deserve it. FF_Goddess doesn't deserve it. Others don't deserve it. They're people, not just interweb enemies you slap a "Cleris" sticker on.

I don't care if people like Cleris. I actually talk to some Cleristh. I don't care if you like Cleristh. It's fun spamming. You're a fat cosplayer, which is funny. ANALSTAR-SAMAZ AND FF_GODDESS-KUN ARE NOT HUIMAN NEIBIGNSZ.

I bet you and some other Cleristh are reading this right now too! Although most of you cleristh said that you don't lurk..

honey badger don't give a shit. [userpic]
by honey badger don't give a shit. (galbadia)
at December 22nd, 2005 (01:38 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: "low rider" - war

HI. i'm the mod for anticloudaeris, and i just found this community 'cause thrustingmom69 posted it in an entry. and like... oh sweet shabeebus! i've been reading through this community and i find it HILARIOUS OMG. so i had to join.

so like. yeah. honestly, i'm a reformed cleristh shipper. back when i first played ff7, i was all "ZOMG TEHY R SOOOOOOOOOO KYOOT" and i hated tifa. but then i realized, wtf, their "love" is shallow and lame, and so i fell in love with tifa after the lifestream thing, and i've been a rabid, hardcore cloti every since. i can't say i absolutely hate cleristh, but i do get super fucking annoyed by it. it wouldn't be so bad if there weren't the crazy, should-be-asylum-bound fangirls who decide, "OMG PNK & BLU GO 2GETHR THER4 KLUOD & AERS B LONG 2GHETR!!!!!!1111!!11one!111!eleventy!" i have a few friends who ship cloud/aeristh, or both cloud/tifa and cloud/aeristh, and fortunately, they are civil and dont run around posting entries about OMG CLUD & ASIRS TRU WUV LOL.

i've gone to that 'destiny fulfilled' site once and it burned my brain. i know absolutely nothing about japanese culture, nor do i really care to, but i do believe that all the webmistress has there is a total pile of shit. it all seems like she was trying desperately to scrape together every little shred of ambiguous evidence to piece together and interpret as she wished. she's probably like 25 years old and a virgin and doesn't even know what real men are and sits in front of her computer thinking up new connections for cloud/aeristh.

see, i know that so many of us clotis would want to make a site analyzing different events and dialogues between cloud and tifa that prove that they love each other, but... loves, we have lives. ♥ if someone made a site, it'd probably have just basic connections, like how tifa saved cloud from the lifestream, and how cloud saved tifa from the nibel reactor. but i'm sure none of us will sit on our asses 24/7 like, "OMFG CLOUD IS 5'7" AND TIFA IS 5'3" AND THAT'S 4 INCHES APART AND 4 IS AN EVEN NUMBAH SO TEHY R OTP!!!!!!!!1111!!!!111!" that's because we don't need to come up with some lame interpretations; the evidence is all there that cloud and tifa love each other. sure, cloud may love aeristh; they were friends, and she died. i know i'd miss a guy friend if they died. does that mean i should fixate on their death, which in turn means i'm madly in love with them and wish i could have ridden their weiner before they died? NO.

i actually like aeristh, really, but i prefer her with vincent. now THERE'S a relationship that could go deep. they could need each other. aeristh only liked cloud because he resembled zack (which i ship zack/aeristh too), and cloud was just happy a girl was paying attention to him because he probably forgot about tifa for a bit since shinra sucks and pumped his body with stuff.


taking a main quote from my favorite show EVAR, csi: "concentrate on what cannot lie -- the evidence." THIS IS TRUE. interpretations can lie, evidence cannot. all the interaction between cloud and tifa is evidence enough to me that they are in love, even if square didn't blatantly put them together.

i think i need to stfu now, because i'm not making any sense. :D

sadasds [userpic]
by sadasds (ikwens)
at December 17th, 2005 (12:34 am)

thrustingmom - every essay film wat eva
has a meanin except ur shit of corse my sista was avin nightmares 4 3 days

ALY-SAMA-KUNZ - Why are you insulting me again?

thrustingmom - cuz of ur shit u no how old she is she fukin 3 n cuz of ur crapy lil essays
she was shitin erself n my mums takin u 2 court cuz ur sick in the head
makin shit like tha n send a message bk cuz i want ur opinion plz

Analstar - She can't take me to court for expressing my opinion. My PM to you was to tell you that you are breaking the rules of this forum. I was informing you so that you could stop behaving that way and avoid getting banned from the forum.

So stop being rude and insulting people when you post, or get banned. It's up to you.

~ Aly




This is what love means, people. Loving someone forever is something that CloudxTifa fans are unable to comprehend. Their idea of love is shallow, at best. If you cannot grasp the true meaning of love, as demonstrated by CloudxAerith, TidusxYuna, and ShuyinxLenne, then you are a very sad person, indeed, and have clearly never experienced true love. ~Goddess of FF title or description

oic now title or description, so your partner has to be dead in order to experience true love? title or description

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